Artisinal Wine Jelly dates back to the 16th century England. It came in “red” and was served as a dessert. Some forward thinking chefs began adding herbs and spices to the jelly to differentiate theirs from others. Once France caught on it really began to blossom mashing different fruits into the gelée de vin. Jumping ahead to modern times it was still basically a red wine or a white wine jelly and made with leftover wine or poor quality wine.

Christine, founder of Vinolicious, learned wine jelly making from her grandmother, again, using red wine. Wine jelly was something you made for Christmas entertaining or for large family gatherings. Again, red or white. Christine took it one step further and began experimenting with different types of wines, proseccos and champagnes blending the different fruit flavours and today we have Vinolicious, artisanal wine jellies in several flavours made from the finest wines and ingredients.

All our jellies are hand crafted in small batches in Prince Edward County and contain no dairy, gluten, peanut or tree nuts.